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I'm not a teenager anymore?




I can't believe it either.

Today is Wednesday, November 11th, 2020. And today I am 20 years old.

Fun fact: I actually turned 11 on 11/11/11!

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled blog post.

It's so weird for me to think about. I've passed those teen years you spend your entire childhood dreaming about. I can remember looking up to my older cousins Alex and Emily, who are 4 and 6 years older, doing all the things I couldn't wait to do. When it seemed like I could finally do something they could do, they were old enough to do something else I couldn't. First it was staying up late and playing games and setting off fireworks with the adults at the lake when I was 7. Then it was drinking alcohol. (one more year...) I remember dreaming about being older and getting to be what you're taught is the coolest age and time ever. I could be like my cousins, and Hannah Montana and stuff. The "and stuff" is what I wasn't so sure about. That was when I actually turned 13. The age you died to be...when you were 10. Then you're 13 and you wish you were 16. Then you're 16 wishing to be 18, and so on. You know, the age that when you actually reach you wish you were NOT that age anymore.

If you ask my mom, (I say that a lot on here.) She will tell you I was afraid to grow up. Really! I remember going to fairs and bowling alleys and hockey games and seeing teenagers, with their long side fringed hair and low riding pants of the early 2000s acting rambunctious, rude and loud. I, for some reason thought that when you reach a certain age you immediately became that.

Spoiler alert, your choices and actions are the things that make you do stupid stuff, not just being a teenager.

This was also the time when I couldn't go to a sleepover because I had "I miss my mommy" issues and obsessively watched Titanic on repeat before bed. Don't worry I don't have mommy issues anymore!

(Did you know Leonardo Dicaprio and I share a birthday???)


When I came out of that stage of my life I really enjoyed being a teen. If you've read some of my other posts, you'll know that I loved high school and that stage of my life. It was where I discovered the basic outline in the coloring book picture of who I am. I'm still coloring it in by the way!

I learned to dance, one of my favorite things in the world, which has brought me so many things. Lifelong friends, a sense of self-discipline, and calves of a god, among other things.

I found my love of reading. For this I have to thank Wattpad, the worldwide site used to read fanfiction. Or in my case, One Direction fanfiction. This lead to real novels btw, I'm not still reading fanfics on my iPad in class pretending it's my silent reading book like I did in middle school. (Now you know Mrs. Ness!)

I made friends I will have in my wedding, and in the room next door at the nursing home. you know who you are. :)

What I'm getting at, is that you don't stop being a "teenager" when you stop being a teenager. Your age doesn't define and choose your life, you make your life in the years you are a teen, and keep those memories and lessons for the rest of your life.

(20 year old pictured above)

Today is the first day no longer being a teenager. Who knows what my twenties will bring? What's your favorite memory from your twenties if you've made it there yet? I wanna know! Or just wish me a happy birthday haha.

sincerely, a 20 year old.

p.s. Peep the new haircut...!

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